About SnapX

Our mission.

SnapX is a Montreal start-up company with a mission to develop products to automate bookkeeping and data entry, with the help of innovating and performant technologies.

Already integrated to the Intuit QuickBooks and Sage accounting software suites, the SnapX App aims to be integrated with the most accounting systems possible and to be marketed in a dozen countries in the upcoming year.

At SnapX, we will take care of your billings and automate your bookkeeping, thus leaving you more time to take care of things that truly matter.

Our values.

We strongly believe our values define who we are as a company and as individuals, and to grow together towards success.


You do things properly, when no one is watching. You get the details done right. You do your research and your due diligence. And you get the job done.

Mutual aid

We show up every morning to work together, to eat together, to live parts of our lives together, and we trust each other to grow.


Tasks are there to get completed, whether they were assigned to you or not. Show leadership and commitment towards the team.


We push ourselves daily to learn something new everyday and trying new stuff.


We recognize that we do not know everything and we are not scared to ask help to grow.


If you don’t try, you can be sure you will never succeed. Trial and error is how you learn to stand up, to walk, to run, and it is the way by which you will succeed.