You manage your company's bookkeeping?

Our application is for you.

We can optimize and automate your bookkeeping to let you focus on what's really important: your company.

Keep receipts in the cloud

Take a photo or upload your receipts (PDF or images) to keep them in the cloud. No more paper bills.

No manual entry

Our algorithm decodes the information on the receipt and classifies it. You just have to click once to send it!

Instantly do your bank conciliation

By using SnapX, you can automatically do your bank conciliation in a few minutes.

Manage your enterprise

We offer a sub-users system to allow you to manage employees from your own firm.

Quality support

From your transition to a cloud accounting system to using our application, we will help you from beginning to end.

Many platforms

We have multiple platforms at your disposition: a web application, a native Android app and a native iOS app.